We’re always looking for new voices and new ideas to add to our team (Hartroopers). Through our Awards, Ideas, Conference, we take those great ideas and help them grow — but they start with your suggestions. See all the ways to let us know about the most exciting, talented people in your network.

Nominate a HartLogic Initiator

Each HartLogic Ideas Sharing #HLIS, HartLogic Incubator, HartLogic Products and HartLogic Events features facilitating, moderating, speaking, motivating and mentoring. At HartLogic, we search year-round for sharers who will share, inform and inspire, surprise and delight others and we search for helpers who will help people to solve problems and reach their goals. If you know someone who belongs to be the HartLogic Talents, or if you belong there yourself, we want to hear from you! Please use our talent recommendation form to tell us why this person would be well-suited to speak at HartLogic. More about Initiator at HartLogic

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Nominate a HartLogic Scholarship Holder

Each year HartLogic give a scholarship for the people who have a big ambition and need a help to be a better an entrepreneur. More about scholarship at HartLogic

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Nominate for the HartLogic Awards

The HartLogic Entrepreneurs Awards (HLEA) is awarded annually to an extraordinary individual with a bold and creative vision to spark global change. The HartLogic Awards receives a certificate and — and support from HartLogic community’s wide range of expertise and resources — to make their dream become a reality. You can recommend a colleague, a mentor, a friend or yourself to execute a high-impact project. More about HartLogic Awards

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