HartLogic was born in 2012 out of Bernhart Farras Sukandar’s observation of a powerful convergence among three fields: technology, entertainment, and art. Starting from his clothes manufacturing company Java Indonesia Clothes problems, the first HartLogic Products or Services is HartLogic Technology with the purpose to support web creation of Java Indonesia Clothes (Now: samemiro).

In 2012 – 2015 Bernhart doing several businesses and work in multinational companies in Indonesia and Germany. Three months before coming back to Indonesia, he challenged himself to research and re-think about the entrepreneurial problem in Indonesia. He doesn’t want to make HartLogic only gaining revenue and not making a big impact on the entrepreneurial problem in Indonesia. Then came up one question in his mind about “How can I help Indonesian Entrepreneurs to start his/her own business and collaborate with each other?.” Supported by these facts:

  1. Culture:
    • The first is parents support. Most of them, parents in Indonesia want their children to become an employee than becoming an entrepreneur. This problem has been a phenomenon in Indonesia, especially for young generation. The parents want their children to become an employee than a creator. This is the culture in Indonesia, they think their children should be a professor, doctor, or anything can be named as “profession” and they think that an entrepreneur is not a good profession. Source: HartLogic Research.
    • Second, the jobs, because of the first point before, most people want to be an employee. So, the interest becomes an employee increases and it is not comparable to the available jobs. So that’s why we need entrepreneurs to make the jobs. Source: HartLogic Research.
    • Third, patience, most of the people can’t be patient. They want their business is success faster as they can. As the entrepreneur, it can’t be done. They can focus on one business, the more experience the more knowledge that they will earn. Source: HartLogic Research.
  2. Ecosystem: The low amount of entrepreneurs in Indonesia according to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) shows that Indonesia only has 1,65% as entrepreneurs from all the total 250 million people. Source: Kompas.
  3. Collaboration & Competition:
    • The job competition is high, according to Pelaksanaan Harian Deputi Bidang Pelatihan dan Pengembangan BKKBN, Ida Bagus Permana, Indonesia will get the bonus about demography. It is about employee ages which are (15-64) and it reaches 70%. Where is the 30% going? the 30% unproductive people (less 14 ages and above 65 ages) they will increase in 2020-2030.
    • Most young entrepreneurs don’t want to collaborate each other as entrepreneurs because they think their business is the best and the other are the competitor.
  4. Knowledge & Foundation: Entrepreneur should choose the product that will they sell and some people get confused to choose what will they make or what will they do as an entrepreneur. Skills also affected the entrepreneur, most of the people don’t have any skills when they begin as an entrepreneur. But, if they want to learn more, they will get more skill in business. Afraid to be failed in business. Most of the people think should have much money and can be failed. They think an entrepreneur only can be done by the rich people. most of the people think that the business is expensive. If they want to collaborate each other, they will earn advantages. They can reduce the cost production. Source: HartLogic Research.
  5. Support from Indonesian government: According to Boediono the Vice President Indonesia 2009-2014, there are some problems to become an entrepreneur. There is law that affected entrepreneurs, macroeconomic condition in Indonesia is also affected because the entrepreneurs need a stable economy, the infrastructure in Indonesia also have big effect to entrepreneurs because the economic transaction must be effective on transportation, the regulation and the laws in Indonesia that are supporting for entrepreneurs or not, the service of financing for entrepreneurs, and last the skill of the employees. source: sindonews.com

Bernhart immediately evaluates and merges all of his business that possible to be mixed because of the similar service into HartLogic and the other are merged into HartLogic Ventures:

  • HartLogic Media, HartLogic Technology, Learn to Share Academy, merekindonesia.com and Indonesia Sekarang (Now: HartLogic Platform)
  • HartLogic Technology (Now: HartLogic Cloud)
  • Java Indonesia Clothes (Now: samemiro)
  • HartLogic Creative (Now: Karyaloka).

In 2015, after he came back from Germany, he asked for help from several friends during his thesis to set a movement to make HartLogic reborn. HartLogic is focusing on managing current ventures while supporting its own platform by developing HartLogic Incubator and HartLogic Startup. From May 2015 to April 2016 HartLogic faced many challenges in startup ecosystem in Indonesia, there’s a little understanding about the business model for the founders and the team of startups in Indonesia, especially in Bandung.

In May 2016, we launch HartLogic Official WebsiteHartLogic Brand Website, and HartLogic Company Website. The world was not ready and the numbers are not worked. But we didn’t stop, we transformed HartLogic vision from supporting business to Supporting Entrepreneurs Around The World and we change the business model from consulting company to entrepreneurship platform. Then HartLogic focuses on doing more research and testing.

Early 2017 we came up with an idea to make a simpler process to make users understand our platform easier by categorizing our service based on what user needs. We introduce the categorization of our service and create a massive upgrade to all of our websites after almost three thousand web updates and renovation (2.741 times to be exact). We announced HartLogic For People, HartLogic For Partner and HartLogic For Business for the first time in July 2017

This time, the world was ready and the numbers worked. HartLogic Official Website launched in August 2017 with three main product inside. HartLogic Solution that focuses to be your friend in your entrepreneurship journey, HartLogic Foundation that focuses to give back to the society, and HartLogic Cloud that focuses to support entrepreneurs with technology.

(Back then in 2012, HartLogic was only a consulting company who help business to develop websites, create a design, and solve marketing problems that operate in Bernhart Farras’s bedroom in his free time).