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Business to Customer in discover, insights, community, events, market and you.

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Customer to Business by professional talent, organizing event, and join management.

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Business to Business in consulting, incubator and ventures.


Combat poverty with charity. We work with partners to provide an effective donation, community service, and village development and to innovative approaches to deliver knowledge services to those who need it most. And we invest heavily in developing new insights to prevent lack of education that impose the greatest burden.

Supporting HartLogic through philanthropic giving will help increase the impact of projects related to our year-long initiatives beyond the globe, HartLogic Initiator always initiates a social project to change the world into a better place. The things that you donate will be used for scholarship, village development, and environmental activities.



Empower those who needs by providing scholarship. Giving tools to lead productive lives, we can help them lift themselves out of poverty.

  • HartLogic Incubator Alumni Affiliation Scholarship: Children or dependents of HartLogic Incubator alumni are eligible for this IDR 1.000.000 scholarship.
  • HartLogic Incubator Affiliation Scholarship: Children or dependents of HartLogic faculty and staff are eligible for this IDR 1.000.000 scholarship.
  • Women’s Leadership Scholarship: Young women who have demonstrated academic and co-curricular leadership should apply for this scholarship and be prepared to speak to their successes, challenges, and future goals/aspirations.
  • Diversity Leadership Scholarship: Students who demonstrate leadership in bridging differences and in building inclusive communities across individuals and intersecting identities such as race, ethnicity, religion, social class, nationality, (dis)ability, sexual preference, and gender expression.
  • Social Innovation Scholarship: Students who have applied or intend to apply their leadership and talents to social innovation as students and in their future should apply for this grant and be prepared to explain what social innovation means to them and their community.
  • Academic Merit Scholarship: Students who have demonstrated excellent academic success in their school should apply for this grant and be prepared to speak to their successes and challenges.
  • HartLogic Premium Membership for 1 year.
  • Free entry to all HartLogic Insights, Community, and Events.
  • HartLogic Products: Startup and Professional.
  • Fast track to HartLogic Incubator.


Giving appreciation to entrepreneurs through HartLogic Entrepreneurship Awards to inspire others to take action and build the world to be the better place. We know our resource alone are not enough, so we work to change ethics, attitude, and behaviors to improve life.

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